About me

I am Sheshank Joshi. I reside in the city of pearls, Hyderabad, India. Though I am not new to blogging, I am certainly new to regular blogging. I used to maintain a blog on Physics and mathematics. I scrapped it up, since I have evolved in my knowledge, but not in my experience.

I am a Graduate in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. Currently pursuing a Minors in Political Sciences and Economics. I am not a freelance writer, but I certainly appreciate if people take time to read my views on contemporary issues and concepts.

I think, world needs more blogs that enables us to express ourselves over time with free and liberal views about the world. Hence, I am very much pro freedom and liberation. You can see through my blog and look at my views.

As my blog states, I am still inexperienced I can only share my viewpoints and not my experiences. Hence, check your facts with practicality before you take my viewpoint seriously.


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