Child sexual Abuse !

Delhi: 10-year-old’s sketch in court convinces judge of her rape
This hurt me deep. I don’t say honourable judge took a wrong decision in using the child’s sketch as an evidence for a sexual crime. I am convinced that he might have been convinced enough to award the term of imprisonment. Although I think the imprisonment should have been a little longer and publicized. Now that my opinions about judgements are made let me delve into the topic a little deeper.
The first aspect of such a crime is the statistics. There is no denying that such instances are far less likely to be reported than even, say, rape or domestic abuse. Any Google search like this one, would clearly show the statistics behind such a detail. So it is far less likely to be reported. Only way children will be able to report it, or at least understand it, will be only when they grow up.  I can assure you, based on my own experiences of this fact. Before you go any further, I ask you – the reader – to recount any such experiences small or large. Now, come back and continue with this post.

Bollywood celebrity Aamir Khan did an episode of TV show Satyamev Jayate here. It discusses things pretty good, but misses a few points. But it does a good thing in arranging a workshop for children. But my opinion is that without the purpose or intention behind such workshops or without explanations we can’t guarantee in anyway if it would work. So is the solution to this complete explanation all the process of procreation to children? Looks like a possible solution according to a lot of people but never plausible one. So, how do we deal with it?

Some say, we can’t police around our toddlers and young all the time. They need to be taught to report. But children can easily be scared into not giving away details or happenings. Some say as adults we should excise vigilance towards everyone we meet, or  let our children get in contact with. It is incredibly tough to know what is someone thinking or feeling about our child. Moreover, there is a huge possibility that it might turn the parents into an ultra protective mode. That means any light of these incident will push the neighbours (and friends of the victim’s family) into not letting their children talk to someone. I think I don’t need to explain consequences of “Parents pushing themselves into ultra-protective mode for their children” – like a mama bear does. It is very well explained here in this article.

But, I can’t support the view that we should keep the children in ignorance of what is happening with their bodies or their ideas. I need not explain what kind of trauma one goes through when they are subjected to sexual abuse early in their life. Hence, one needs to think about it in this way : What can we do to make sure that we take away from older and more pervert people the idea that children are the objects of their perversion, or that children are even available. First we need to take out the idea out of their minds, like we pluck a plant with its roots. I think the  idea of banning child pornography was an excellent move by the world here. I am really glad it happened. You can read about it here.

I also recently read a news article, here, about a man who was a foriegner working in the city exporting child pornography and was caught by police. I don’t know the whereabouts of his prison sentence or anything, but it seems that laws are pretty sick. These kind of laws, and their implementation is to be strict with no exceptions whatsoever.

We can’t ban pornography in anyway, but we can induce a kind of philosophy and personal ethics to people entering into the pornographic industries, like the actress/actors, directors, producers etc. We should make them responsible, care for each other and report on each other in case of any kind of deviations if found.

I opine that effort should be more from the minds of people who are sexually excited by strange things or ideas. When an idea is a bad, like a sapling, should be uprooted before it takes strange turns and leads into something dangerous and ugly from the inside. I don’t back or defend those people in anyway against their weak minds, but I extend my sympathy for those who couldn’t control their own desires.

One who masters his own self, his own mind masters the entire world.


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