Briefing My Blog

Greetings Reader

I am Sheshank Joshi. I have created this blog in the hope of expressing myself as an Ascetic discussing some troublesome and some thought provoking issues regarding our everyday world. For, a more silly and simple side of things check out my other blog where I discuss things in a more lighter and silly note. (For more info of me, check About me column)

The content of this blog is to create a kind of Question-Answer kind of pattern where I explore the possibilities and perspectives of answering some of the trivial as well as toughest questions raised in today’s world. You can think of it as an introduction to me as an independent news anchor, with one side debate. I highly encourage my readers to comment and discuss the topics I raise here. My primary focus will be more on Writing material, though I will try to put in as many pictures as I can, I can’t guarantee it. I will try to be fairly regular. I divided the posts into various sections/categories like General, Poetry, Cinema, Politics, Economics, Physical Sciences, Mathematics etc. You can find them appropriately. Visit them according to your liking and read them as many times as you want. Your opinions matter.

Finally, if you like them share them on Social media and let people know about this.


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